4 All Ya Conspiracy Lovers, Aiight

Monday, July 14, 2008



Anonymous said...

your blog has gone downhill put something interesting up and not crappy nas videos ill give you an idea maybe have something about the fact that basicly the whole of DPM crew from London have been put in prison

CCTV said...

it's possible, I appreciate you intentions about the blog, but look, I don't feel that I have to give explanation about our moves, but just to say that we're doing 135642 more things like the magazine, the harsh blog, photo sessions, articles, travels and allot, I mean allot writing (of which really small percent of the pictures are really published here). And consider as a big problem that in Bulgaria actually almost nothing really interesting happens, for real. You see, we've got to steal interesting stuff because of the lack here. So I've neer been familiar with the DPM so much, and if I'll write something about that it will be stolen from the HYB blog. I don't feel the need of that. When our man Simone passed away before three weeks, no one from abroad was so familiar with him so it wasn't such a big news for the worldwide scene at all, so it's the same case...
If you're so keen on seeing such news, I can authorize you for posting here. The blog for us is like a timeline of things that kept our attention through the years. No google ads, no bullshit.
Thats it.
Life is just a ride.