the losers technic

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


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a new fame technique popped up in bulgaria these days - writing next to some cool guys like you painted together and then put the picture on the net.
They just want to make a name for themselves!

big up to our guys Sonic & Tish


Anonymous said...

man thats bullshit he just painted some blank wall, it doesnt look like they painted togheter, it has nothing in common, he doesnt sayd they painted togheter, you just hate streetartist dont you...

Anonymous said...

Yeah its a quite cool technique man,steal his fame by leaving his piece intact..instead of crossing it for fame..did you guys made this up by yourselves or you got a hand in it?

p.s at least learn some English before making blogs or magazines..might help you in the future!

Anonymous said...

dont tell what is good or not. there is a lot of place for painting in this spot. they put the shitty pieces next to sonic and tish just for using the fame. at least they should have respect for that pieces.